Intangibles I Take on the Journey


My essentials

These are the most important things in my life that my backpack would be filled with.  The first thing is my family.  I would not be able to get through anything without them.  My mom and dad are always there for me and would do anything to help me.  No matter how hard-headed I can be I know that they know what is best for me.  The next thing is friends.  I chose a picture of the current LSU drumline with some alumni before the alumni game.  Like my parents, these people are always there for me.  At this age we do not always want to talk to parents about things and friends are always next in line when you need to talk.  Another intangible I would bring is sports.  Being a sports administration major, sports are important to me.  Sports can be an escape for me when I am stressed.  I am always listening to or watching a game when I am home.  I would be bored without them.  The intangible that I would bring from this class is Concussion.  I watched this movie many times this semester so I became extremely familiar with it.  It is also important because being a sports administration major, it is a topic that comes up a lot in the world of sports.


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Is Research Enough?


Helmet to helmet collisions result in the greatest number of concussions

The issue of concussions and the way the NFL is handling it is shown in the 2015 movie Concussion. Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian pathologist, performs autopsies on former NFL players such as Mike Webster and Justin Strzelczyk who seem to have suffered long-term effects from concussions. It is concluded by Dr. Omalu that they had CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is thought to be caused from repeated concussions. The rest of the movie focuses solely on CTE and does not discuss concussions, which is a cause of this disease. It does not give a general definition of a concussion or the different grades, it does not show all of the research the NFL is doing, or explain when it is time to quit after suffering single or multiple concussions. These topics are important when it comes to diagnosing and educating people on concussions and how they can be affected from them.  While Concussion does a phenomenal job of presenting the issue of repeated concussions, the movie does not accurately represent how the NFL reacted to the information.  The film does not show how the NFL is trying to reduce concussions. The lack of general definitions and knowledge of the NFL’s research in the movie leaves some questions unanswered when it comes to concussions.

According to the Concussion in Sports Group (CISP) a concussion is a “complex psychophysiologic process affecting the brain, induced by traumatic biochemical forces” (Hudson 2). The CISP also provides some concussion symptoms, which includes headache, vertigo, sleep problems, lack of focus, dizziness, tiredness, and neck pain. These symptoms vary depending on the grade of the concussion. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) defines the three grades of concussions in “Concussions: A Sport Ethics Commentary.” A Grade 1 concussion is transient in nature. A person that experiences a Grade 1 concussion does not lose consciousness and the symptoms do not last more the 15 minutes. This grade is hard to diagnose because the symptoms subside quickly. With the symptoms lasting a short amount of time, it is hard to educate people on this type of concussion. A Grade 2 concussion is similar to a Grade 1 but the symptoms last longer than 15 minutes and the victim experiences transient confusion. For a Grade 3 concussion to be diagnosed the patient has to experience a loss of consciousness. The loss of consciousness can be short or prolonged. Grade 3 concussions are serious. It is recommended that the patient seek medical attention and treatment if they experience a Grade 2 or 3 concussion (Hudson 2). It is extremely important for this information to be known. The NFL and even the NCAA can use this knowledge to educate players and coaches on concussions so they can better diagnose them and know a plan of treatment once a player suffers one.

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Using Appeals to Argument does not Make You More Effective


Martin Luther King Jr. sitting in jail

Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. each uses appeals to argument (ethos, logos, and pathos) in their letters “Civil Disobedience” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”  Thoreau mostly uses an ethical, or ethos, appeal with hints of appeal to emotion.  Dr. King uses lots of appeal to ethics and emotion.  Both writers bring in authority figures as well as analogies which help strengthen their arguments by having a logos appeal.  Having a strong appeal to ethics and emotion, however, causes Dr. King’s argument to be more effective than Thoreau’s.

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Satire as Effective Argument


An old-fashioned standing desk that was suggested in The Vertical Negro Plan

The Vertical Negro Plan by Harry Golden has a more effective ethical appeal compared to Left-Handers (Those Sickos) Got No Reason to Live by Roger Guffey.  Golden shows that he is knowledgeable and well-intentioned right off the bat.  The first thing that Golden discusses is a series of amendments that were just passed by the Legislature.  He also talks about the “Education Expense Grant” and private schools.  He says that, “There are fourteen Supreme Court decisions involving the use of public funds; there are only two “decisions” involving the elimination of racial discrimination in public schools.”  That shows the reader that Golden has done his homework and is knowledgeable about what he is discussing.  When he offers up ideas for alternatives he does not say that his plans will correct everything and that they need to be implemented.  He says, “Permit me, therefore, to offer an idea for the consideration of the embers of the regular session.”  He just wants the Legislature to consider it.  When he is talking about the Legislature he does not talk bad about them like Guffey does about left-handed people.  Guffey calls left-handed people “un-American” and “subversive little perverts.”  He is comparing being left-handed people to sodomy.  By using that language towards left-handed people, Guffey does not have an effective ethical appeal like Harry Golden does.

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Issue Proposal


Many of the symptoms that are used to diagnose concussions

In the movie Concussion Dr. Bennet Omalu, played by Will Smith, is a pathologist who is given the task of performing autopsies on some famous Pittsburgh Steeler football players who have committed suicide.  He does some extra tests on them and discovers that something is different about their brain.  He does further research by getting in contact with the team doctor from when they played and learns that they all suffered from concussions during their time in the NFL.  When these players went to their primary doctors they were diagnosed with the early onset of dementia.  Dr. Omalu discovers that these players suffered from CTE.  He brings the information that he has learned to the NFL to try to get them to do something about concussions.  Is the NFL doing everything they can to help prevent concussions?  Are they truly doing their research and coming up with ways to protect their players?

I am a sports administration major, so issues like this are big to me.  I am tired of seeing so many young football players retire because they have suffered multiple concussions during their short time in the league.  There are even college players retiring because they have suffered more than 3 concussions during their college careers.  People that have only been playing football for a couple years are quitting the game because they are worried that one more hard hit could affect them for the rest of their life.    This is becoming an epidemic at every level of athletics, not just the NFL.

Concussions have become more common recently in football.  There are many college and professional football players that have had to retire because if they suffered one more concussion their brain would be permanently affected.  The NFL said that they are doing their research and coming up with solutions to reduce the number of concussions that are suffered during the season.  There have been rule changes that the NFL has implemented to try to reduce the amount of concussions.

I need to learn if the NFL is doing enough research to truly help the players.  I also need to learn if other levels of athletics such as college and high school are doing things to help reduce the number of concussions as well.

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“‘Honey Boo Boo’ comes, society’s values go” by Kathleen Parker


Honey Boo Boo enjoying a cupcake

Quality is not important when it comes to reality television.  Many reality shows are there purely for our entertainment.  Many people would say that they are not educational, but I believe they can teach viewers things in its own way.  You will not see Honey Boo Boo on an educational channel but I think it can be used to teach younger children valuable lessons.  I believe that parents can use shows and other, according to Kathleen Parker, “grotesque” things to show children that not everyone has the same values or lifestyle.  Parents can use it to teach their children that not everyone is the same and that they should work hard and strive to be good at what they do so they will not end up like the people in the reality shows that they do not like.

In the article Kathleen Parker is saying that the younger generations are not being taught things like the older generations were such as not to stare at someone because they looked different.  I agree that things like that are not necessarily taught to the younger generations but that may not be a bad thing in some cases.  Honey Boo Boo has a show on television which means everyone has access to the show.  They are putting themselves out there for everyone to see and Kathleen states that in her article.

I am challenging the statement that says, “Responsible parents will steer their children away not only to protect them but also because, we were taught, it wasn’t right to enjoy the misfortunes or disadvantage of others”.  I believe that responsible parents would introduce their children to things out of the norm.  Children should learn that not everyone is the same.  Some people may be less educated, have less money, or look different than they do.  I believe that responsible parents will educate their children on many subjects even if they are grotesque.

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My Argument Style


My dad and I at my grandpas house for Father’s Day


The last time I argued was a couple weeks ago with my parents.  I was trying to figure out when an event took place.  After the flood we had some family living with us and I was trying to remember when they moved out into an apartment.  I was trying to figure it out based on other events that were happening at the time.  I thought that they left right after I got back from my trip to Green Bay with Tiger Band for the LSU game.  My mom said that they were in their apartment the weekend before I left for Green Bay.  My mom and I each made our points then I thought about it an realized quick that she was right.

In this argument I feel that I was more direct than I usually am.  I was also nonaggressive during this argument which is how I usually am during arguments.  I gave a couple reason why I thought that they left the house when I thought they did.  Once I realized that I was wrong I was quick to point it out.  I do not like confrontation or fighting so I wanted to stop  the argument as soon as I could.  For the most part that is how I am when I argue.  I try to come up with a compromise or solution as soon as I can.

I feel like my parents have a big influence in my argument style.  My dad is very laid back and does not like to argue.  That is how I am.  He is about getting things solved and coming to a compromise as soon as possible.  My mom is a little different.  My mom is aggressive and direct when she argues.  I have learned that I do not like the way that she argues so I try not to do the things she does when I argue.  Those things have helped form the way that I argue.

I do not argue very much but when I do a conclusion or a compromise usually comes up quick.  I feel that because of this no one is leaving the argument angry.  I think that everyone gets to say what they need to say and that will leave everyone involved in the argument happy.  If there is one I could become more flexible on when arguing is being more direct.  I feel like that found end arguments sooner and it would also help me form a compromise with who I am arguing with sooner.

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